Sunday, December 18, 2011


1) My dear regular readers (yes, I mean the two of you), I'm sure you all are either following or have at least landed sometime on a beautiful blog named 'Words', because the blog is just so popular across blogosphere. The blogger, Saru Singhal, is a lovely person, who has this unique ability to express a bagful of emotions and feelings in the smallest poems possible. She is one such writer who when I read, makes me wish if I could write like that.
She recently offered me an opportunity to write a guest post on her blog. And since hers is chiefly a poetry blog, I sent her a poem of mine.
Click here to read the poem. And make sure you read Saru’s works too. They are simply brilliant.

2) I’m currently on a lookout for a freelance writing job. I manage to get enough free time during a day to be able to take up a writing job. And even if somedays I don’t, writing is something I can always make time for. So any suggestions or any help in this matter would be welcome.

3) Blogger’s meet, anyone?


  1. The poem was bloody brilliant... Didn't know you were this good a poet :P And free-lance writing, I have been on the lookout for quite a few days. Nothing turned up that's useful. I just checked the usual job forums.Will let you know if I stumbled on anything and if you do, you have to inform me.. ok? ;) Bloggers meet.. sounds good.. :)

  2. Hello Kalpak :)

    I am one of the newbies from Saru's blog! I loved your poem ~ I gave it a 'WoW' :) When I came over to peruse your blog, I instantly fell in love with your sense of humor :D Looking forward to discovering more here and your future posts :)

    Good luck on the search for a freelance writing job!

  3. The poem was penned so well my friend! Deep emotions! I love it! I am new here and I would like to humbly introduce myself, Just call me Prime, a blogger too... Anyway you can try, it's trusted... and as for my blog you can check my profile in your convenience... again you have written a soulful poem!

  4. Mr. Kalpak! My new fond respect for you is not going to be as short lived as this red rose.
    A poem is not all about rhyming words. Its a failure if it does not convey a meaning or a story. And yours fulfilled both. The last 2 lines were intense and painfully beautiful. Alas my choice of words are poor. So I end my opinion by saying that this poem has definitely left a mark in my mind.

  5. Read your guest post..

    And it is an amazing poem...and I hope, you keep writing more of them on an usual basis. :)

  6. Good one :) and i like the way you put it up !

  7. Beta...I am seriously jealous of you :( I cannot write shit...all I do is mock the term HUMOUR. You have nailed it and now the poem. You can read my comment thr. FUCK YOU! I am jealous!! :(
    Blogger meet...good idea!

  8. Wow Kalpak, the poem was awesome, and so was the blog! BTW ... you got a mention in my blog here : (can almost see you pulling your hair out by fistfuls hehehe!)

  9. Just read your poem at Saru. Great and beautiful written! I like it very much.

    Regards from Norway

  10. Wonderfully written. You conveyed your thoughts so very well. It was so touching

  11. KP congratulations on a 100
    no matter how big a pain in the irritating and aaaargghhh you make my life..
    i will still unfortunately love you..
    haaan ok...faiineeeee..i admit that i am thhe biggest fan of your writings..ok???
    how i hate you..

    a yaaaa....writing job....meko bhi bol haaa.

    hmmm bloggers meet..lets see..i ope we get some serious numbers agreeing to it...

    cheers !!

  12. That was deep. You have conveyed such complicated emotions with wonderful ease. :)

  13. arre waah, aaj bina naatak ki announce kiya ki guest post likha hain...:-)

    and i have such a trouble writing just one post in a week, i envy you for managing to do that any time:-)

    i hope that freelancing bit works out and yes the poem was very touching n cute:-)

  14. Talk about faking modesty :P

    And that poem!! Sigh, you make mine look like a nursery rhyme :(

    God bless you on the free lancing bit. I have no idea to work that out, warna I'd have been there long ago! You'll do great I'm sure.

  15. Hey, read your poem. Commented there. Very versatile writer you've turned out to be. Perhaps it's time to take writing more seriously?

    I have done quite a bit of freelance writing. In fact, I quit my real job and that's all I do :D Loving it! What kind of writing are you interested in? I'll let you know if I come across anything. Check out my blog to see the kind of work I've done.

  16. The thing with writing is everybody thinks they can write. everybody deep down inside thinks they are the best, some sensible ones acknowledge that they have a long way to go before they reach that. Some actually can write brilliantly, my definition of this: write about the most mundane stuff (excluding poop)as though it were a gospel!!! Am I going to count you in that, depends on my B'day gift :P.

    Some others like RED who can actually write brilliant stuff and yet for fish for compliments need to be whacked on the head and the akon-faced bum...if she makes it to the bloggers meet Kallu, please assist me in doing this!!!

    I'll comment about the poem on Saru's blog. Congrats buddy on the 100 mark...may you and your empty vessel continue to make a lot more noise in the times to come.

  17. yes i read the poem and it is one very good poem.......each line makes you think about the pieces of your life....

  18. wahaaoo you write poetry? that was awesome Kalpak.. U not only rhymed, but it made so much sense.. great stuff! :)

    Freelancing seems cool.. I think you should go ahead and try it out man.. and blogger meet sounds cool!

  19. coming from saru's blog... awesome poetry there :)

    Looking forward to new posts now !!

  20. If you have only two regular readers, then how come you get so many comments on each post?

    1) Like I said a sneaky pig who hides talents.
    2) Let me also know if you find anything good na, please?
    3) Tell me when and where.

  21. Just read your guest entry. I loved it totally! It was amazing :)

    Do let me know where you guys are planning the bloggers meet :) and when :D

  22. Hi Kalpak
    I am newbie on your blog as well as this blogshpere community also .
    I read your work on Saru blog and found your work superb.
    Climax got me confuse, why most of the time we want to end our life,
    It could be other way round also, so the emotional ending made me sad.
    When you found the rose , it was thorn less stem.

    But how come you pricked black rose thorn, From where did you get? That’s surprise me.
    Overall you entirely rock me…I can learn a lot from you. Keep rocking!!!

  23. Read that guest entry and followed the link to your post. Nice poem.

    Good luck with the job!

  24. Hi Kalpak,
    yet another guy from saru's blog(read ur guest post there!),
    lovely poem,commented there but it's the writer blog who deserves the appreciation more!!there are many comments about ur witty humour:):)...would return to check out more.stay connected!!
    ur new follower

  25. What a great poem on Saru's blog!! :D
    WOW!! :)

  26. Read your poem on "Words" ... liked the way you rhymed it... Good work. your blog is quite interesting.

  27. Ok.. I ended up reading your entire blog today!! :D

    1. I can relate to so many things you write, probably coz am an arian too :P

    2. your sense of humour is Amazing and you are so Funny!! :D

    3. All the people in my cubicle are glued to your blog, coz they kept asking me what was so hilarious and motivating that I stayed glued to the computer screen for more than 7 hours our of 9 :P

    4. I wonder if they'll comment, but just know that you are already a rockstar here! :D

    5. Please put posts regularly.. coz I find myself already addicted! :D

    6. ;)

  28. Coming over from Saru's -- loved reading your poem.

    Good luck with your future writing endeavors :)

  29. LMAO.. Just loved ur writing.. Keep writing u r just mind blowing:)

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  31. a very touching poem.. words used so well.. damn gud.. u shud write more poems

  32. Ok, Now we all have read all your posts around 5 times, discussed, LMAOed over all of them..a.nd now we are desperately seeking a new post :D from you!! :D

    I have been circulating your posts to all my friends who do not have access to your blog, at their workplaces.. (sorry abt that!)

    and the subject with which I send these mails is "with all due respect".. :D :D

    :D :D

    Seriosuly.. the point is.. write write write.. ppl r gng crzy. :D

  33. Liked your poem over at Saru's blog Words and came snooping around. ;)
    A blast of fresh air. You do know how to make someone laugh. Even the widget titles are hilarious. Hats off!

  34. Read your poem on 'Words'.. and it might sound weird but somehow it reminded me of the song 'Hotel California'..

    Great blog!! :)

  35. Could anybody be anymore modest :P
    Loved your poem. Hold on to the genre. You're so good :)
    And the similarity with 'Hotel California' struck me too :)


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