Friday, November 25, 2011


A few days back, Peevee, a blog buddy, asked me to write a guest post for her, and I told her I will. Aur ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, uske baad to main khud ki bhi nahi sunta.

You can read the guest post here.


*10 seconds later*

DUMB READER: Heyyy, why is that ‘here’ in red?

*5 seconds later*

DUMB READER: OMFG! It’s a link!!!!!!)

Now I have certain strict norms that I follow when someone asks me to write a guest post for them.

BLOGGER WITH 100+ FOLLOWERS ASKING ME: Sure buddy. Anything for you. Will write one asap and mail you okay.

BLOGGER WITH 20-40 FOLLOWERS ASKING ME: What you think I have no other work in life but to keep writing guest posts for people? Am I a charity blogger? Bh****d. Bhag idhar se!

Just to inform my blog buddies, I am going to Bombay for my cousin’s wedding. I’ll be gone from Saturday to Wednesday, and the schedule is so tight I might not have the time to even go home.

So I will be out of action for a week or so. I’ll be back by the time people are already irritated by the Kolaveri song.

So take care people. Happy blogging. And wish you all a very Happy Slapsgiving.

P.S.: This post has got nothing to do with virginity. I just wanted my number of page views to reach 10k fast (which is around 9.5k currently). Haaa Ha-Ha…Haaa Ha-Ha Ha-Ha. (Mandark style laughter)

P.P.S.: Teja Main Hu, Mark Idhar Hai!


  1. I read your guest post on Peeve's blog ..
    You know you're awesome don't you ? :D

    You got me all rolling on the floor laughing !
    Glad to have landed here..

    Have fun at your cousin's wedding and come back soon :)
    I will eagerly wait for your upcoming posts :)

    Cheers !:)

  2. Your guest post is the best thing that happened to me today. Plus I already commented there, I cant comment again.

    And i have 100+ followers, will you guest post for me ? :p

  3. You're an ASS, that's what you are;P And you get away with a lot of things, I really don't understand why:D
    But thank you for the guestpost, MY pageviews have gone crazy because of it:P

    And do you really believe that they'll start hating the song by then? I'm scared to hope.

    Happy wedding-ing.

    And somehow I miss Mandark-_-
    Now Dexter refers to a serial killer :@.

  4. Matlab, you'll never guest post for me?! HAW! Go. Die. Like abhi and now! :|

    Ab toh I take all my words back! Koi kadar hi nahi hai hum chotu bloggers ki! Huh! :P

  5. Haila.. chal chal six ppl more to reach 100, so when will you oblige me with the post, you busy bee..

    Or tu mere city mein aa raha hai.. Wanna-Come (Vanakkam) :D .. Shaadi matlab lots of cakey bird watching or khana for u na.. ja ja mazzey kar.. Oii n I read your guest post.. COmmented there... Funny guy! :P

  6. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal show off
    a kp..kya bey..
    i though we could this time..
    chal go go..
    enjoy the wedding


  7. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaa*


  8. Mad guy you are like T-O-T-A-L-L-Y...I so wonder how can you look soooooooooo innocent with a mind like this!

    Miss you already...;-)

  9. So I've been blogging for more than over a year, and you for a few months, and YET, you have more page-views than me? :O Injustice. >.<

    Nice guest post btw. :)

    P.S: You didn't mention anything about bloggers who are inching towards 100. Would you guest post for them? :D

  10. @ priyanka: thank u so much buddy. i believe this is ur first comment here, so welcome :)
    thanks once again. and i jus happened to browse thru ur blog, so wish u a very belated happy bday :)

    @ nia: Sure buddy. Anything for you. Will write one asap and mail you okay. :D
    thanks a lot. 'best thing that happened to me today' part made me feel really good :)

    @ peevee: awwww....ur just being humble now. my post cant make THE GREAT PEEVEE's page views go up. i am but a humble soul in thy shadow, o mighty one! :)
    i did thank u on FB, but still, thanks a lot once again.

    @ maithili: arre that was a joke buddy.

    @ paanipuri lover: chotu blogger sounds so cute. :) suits u. not followers wise, but age wise :D

    @ confused soul: huh show off! ;D
    and hello madam, mumbai is MY city too. i was born and brought up here. i JUST moved to baroda. and bird watching and food is wat shaadis are meant for, right? :D
    thank u :)

    @ motu: kidhar kidhar typo karti hai be!

    @ su: i know ur already sick of hearing this from me, but ur a darling. miss u too :)

    @ loony: is THE LOONY officially yet indirectly asking me here to guest post for her? u know u can jus call me and tell me that. idiot.
    waise i wrote this comment in borivli, so i was very close to ur tribal area :D

  11. tune thank you bolne ka theka uthaya hai kya...nahi parvadta mereko (mawali ishtyle) :P .. Ohh born n brought up here.. Who kicked you out? :D .. Or of course.. I hope you get married too there...bwaaahahahaha :P

  12. oyee.. Teja wala reference ni samajh aaya!

  13. Hey!
    I like the way you write. Interesting.
    Have a look at my blog

    Hope you like it! :)

    - Pink Dragon

  14. Par Teja toh Main Hoon, Mark Idhar hai!! Tu Jhooth bol raha hai! :D :D Mast title thha, main yahi dekh kar aayi :P :P
    Mazeyyy karna shaadi mein! :D Be back soon! You shall be missed! :D :D

  15. kick ass guest post on PeeVee's blog..yaar... :D

  16. Jaa be shaadi ke liye. Tereko koi nahi miss karne wala. :P

  17. Such a tease, I came expecting something on virgin-virginity something along those lines and there's just news of you going to a Shaadi here; enjoy the food there.

    You have been mentioned on my space.

  18. I have yet to read that guest post. Moving to another city took a lot of time and I missed many blog posts.

    BTW, will you write a guest post for me???

  19. well, little late joining to the party going on here for I dont know how long. but i think i will catch up fast. and kalpak, sorry about missing out on all the legen-dary creations that you have been writing.:) I have to admit, somebody's got some fan following here.
    and you just one more, dude!
    +1 to your followers.

  20. btw is that a cyber prank or there is no follow button on your blog? :P

  21. ofcourse the guest post was kickass! Ofcourse I came in here expecting to be scandalized outa my wits! Ofcourse you get away with murder! Ofcourse I want to ask you for a guest blog - errr.... or shall we just wait till i touch a 100? BTW ... the kolaveri song is here to stay for a while longer, buddy!

  22. @ confused soul: abbe oye...i kicked mumbai out of my life. huh. but i miss it at times. the food. the babes :(

    @ kara: arre andaaz apna apna ka line hai. pura week mann mein chalu tha.

    @ vivaciousfreak: thank u so much buddy. and will do :)

    @ MSM: tu itni zyada sweet kyun hai be?

    @ kunal: thanks yaar. :)

    @ divya: abbe sabse zyada tu karegi. rona mat haan.

    @ paanipuri lover: chal be chutku

    @ atrocious: that was the whole idea man ;)

    @ saru: sure yaar. u dnt have to ask :)

    @ maverick: finally ur out of hibernation. welcome back :) and thanks a lot man.

    @ nirvana: arre i wud do guest post fr u even if u had just one follower. investment for future u c :)

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. oh! how can i forget!!

    and i removed the comment bcuz of typo. kuch galat ni likha tha maine okay!

  25. Last time I was here, I read definations...
    ab itna kuch add ho gaya hai !
    how do u manage to write so much ? :o

    btw i like the fooling the janta with the title of the post act u just pulled. will try ity sum time :p

  26. Guest Post --- FacePalm --- Twitter stylie!


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